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Algae Recipes with Golden Chlorella

Enjoy protein-rich food with Golden Chlorella, a delicious addition to your daily diet, to strengthen your immunity and vitality. Our diverse products are suitable for a protein-rich, balanced diet and can be easily integrated into your daily cooking. Since Golden Chlorella contains vitamin B along with other various nutrients, this Superfood can also be used as an aid for vitamin B deficiency, iron deficiency, and magnesium deficiency.

Micro-algae’s rich nutrients may also have a positive effect on your metabolism, immune system, brain development, but also shows improvement in your bones, eyes, and skin.

Furthermore, many studies have proven the molecular chelating effect of chlorella: The fibrous cell wall of chlorella can absorb toxins, heavy metals (e. g. lead, cadmium), and various pollutants, helping your body to eliminate them. Therefore, helping to detoxify the body.

Algae products are usually green in colour and have a distinct algae taste. Our Golden Chlorella is characterised by its neutral taste, making it possible to integrate the superfood anywhere. In addition, alternative proteins such as Golden Chlorella can be produced in a resource-saving manner and are thus clearly more sustainable when compared to animal proteins. We hope you become inspired by our recipes and examples of the diverse uses of Golden Chlorella.

About us

With our sustainable, microalgae enriched food products, at Alver we want to supply healthy nutrition for the ever-growing world population. We believe that only sustainable and nutritious foods can reduce the consumption of water and agricultural land in our modern food production systems- that’s why we rely on micro-algae, Golden Chlorella. All our products are vegan, natural and high in essential nutrients. These are the values that Alver represents and stands for.