Madeleines with coconut oil

Orange mousse, chestnut cream and coconut chestnut glaze

Madeleine is a French shortcrust pastry originally from Commercy. The delicacy can also be easily prepared vegan and is an ideal dessert or a small treat for in between.


50 grams of flour
30 g coconut blossom sugar
25 g almond powder
1 g orange zest
3 grams of yeast
25 ml melted coconut oil
40 ml almond milk
5 grams of golden chlorella

Mix flour, golden chlorella, almond powder and baking powder in a bowl. Then add milk, oil and some orange zest. Finally add the sugar and stir until you get a smooth batter. Pour the batter up to ¾ the height of the silicone molds (without greasing). Leave to rest for 10 minutes, during this time preheat the oven to 180 °C. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Allow to cool before shaping.

Orange mousse:

1 orange
5g coconut sugar
1 tsp agar agar

Remove the zest from the orange and cut the orange into small pieces. Reserve the juice from the orange. Put everything in a small saucepan, add the coconut blossom sugar and simmer gently for 20 minutes. After cooking, mix with the oranges. Return the coulis to the pot, add the agar and bring to a boil. Cook for another 2-3 minutes. Pour into a bowl and let cool.

Coconut Brown Glaze:

200g coconut milk
100g white chocolate
1/2 orange zest
50 g chestnut paste
2 g agar agar

Melt the white chocolate in a water bath. Put the coconut milk in a saucepan with the orange zest and the chestnut paste. Melt the chestnut paste in the coconut milk. Once melted, add the agar agar and bring to a boil. Let cook for 2-3 minutes. Pour onto the melted chocolate in 3 batches. Place in fridge to chill.

Chestnut cream:

100g chestnut paste
30 ml coconut milk
Loosen the chestnut paste with the coconut milk.


Let your imagination run wild when preparing your dessert. Either in the form of a large dessert or as a mini version on the plate as in the photo.

Cut out circles from Madeleine biscuits. Spread the orange juice on top, but don’t go all the way to the brim. Dab the coconut ganache around the edges of the cookies and place a large dot of chestnut cream in the center. Put a small zest of orange on the dessert.

Orange popsicle

Especially during the warm summer months, ice cream is the ideal refreshment. It’s all the better if the ice cream is homemade and healthy.


½ cup mashed sweet potatoes
½ large banana (frozen)
100 ml orange juice
100 ml almond milk
1 tsp Golden Chlorella, Golden Bean, or Golden Pea
1 tsp agave nectar (optional)

For the mashed sweet potatoes, cut a medium sized sweet potato in half, place in an ovenproof dish and cook at 180°C for about 1 hour. Allow to cool and store in the fridge or freezer until the sweet potatoes are needed.

Place all ingredients in a smoothie maker or blender and blend until smooth. Then peel the flesh of the sweet potato out of the potato half with a spoon and add to the smoothie mixture.

Pour the mixture into a popsicle mold and place in the freezer.

Fruit salad

In Mexico, fruit is often spiced generously with salt, lime juice and chili powder. This recipe can be easily adapted to fit all types of fruit you may have. We like to add a nice golden color to our salad, with a sprinkle of Golden Chlorella on top.


6 cups of various fruits, diced into 1-inch pieces

Our favourties: apple, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, cherries, mango, coconut and kiwi

1/2 cup of lime juice

2 tbsp chili powder

2 tbsp salt

Sprinkle of golden chlorella Mix the chilli and salt in a bowl. Place the diced fruits in a large bowl. Pour lime juice over the fruit. Sprinkle the chilli-salt mixture and sprinkle golden chlorella (max. ½ teaspoon per day) over the fruit. If possible, chill the fruit bowl in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.