Smoothie Bowl

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(for 2 bowls)

Smoothie bowls are the ideal way to start the day: fresh, filling and full of nutrients. The bowls can be adjusted as you wish. If you vary the fruit and toppings, you get a completely different taste experience. Simply choose your favorite varieties and try them out.


50 ml plant-based milk (e.g. oat milk)
50 ml orange juice or ½ fresh orange
100 g vegan coconut yoghurt
2 tbsp golden beans
130 g frozen papaya
100g frozen mango
1 frozen banana


coconut flakes
Dried edible flowers
Seeds (e.g. flaxseed or chia)
Fresh berries/ fruits of your choice
½ tsp golden chlorella

Take your blender and first add the milk, orange juice and yogurt. Then add the golden bean protein powder. Blend everything quickly for a few seconds, then add any frozen fruit (it’s very important that they’re frozen). Blend again until you get a smooth consistency. The mixture should not be too runny so that the toppings don’t sink into the mixture, but stay on top.

Pour the mixture into the bowls and garnish with your choice of topping.

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